... a slice of bread for the hungry

epitaph # 1

tell them
i stood
side by side
the doctors and the dreamers
a poem in my left hand
a scalpel in the right
tried and tried to funnel
lillies and light
from poems
into the tip of my scalpel
cut a slice of bread
for the hungry

- Elsrizee

Corners of the world whose struggles and triumphs seem hidden from view. Kigutu, is one of them – a little village three hours away from Bujumbura, capital of Burundi. Our close friend, Sri, has called this place home for the last three months. An American doctor and UCSF Faculty, Sri dedicates five months of the year to working abroad in regions of extreme need. Now, from the midst of Kigutu’s harsh realities come his moving stories and innermost reflections. He writes not just as a compassionate doctor pushed to the boundaries of his ability, but as a deeply human poet who sings of both suffering and its overcoming with powerful presence.

Check out some of Sri's inspiring posts, and photos. Or send him a note of support.