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When Sri was featured on DailyGood, he received hundreds of emails from well wishers. Here are a couple of them ...

"I read your journal entries out loud to my young sons this morning at breakfast. They are 8 and 10 years old. Wanted to know that you touched a house in Maine."

"Sri - I live in the Bay area and would very much like to help in some way I can, and also get my 8 year old son involved. Please email how I can discuss this with you."

"Nina has forwarded your Burundi journal to me. You write beautifully. We're working on gathering donors who are interested in providing your wish-list items." (He wrote a check for $1000.)

"Dear Dr.Sri, I read your journal entry for March 19th and was touched by the stories and images you provide. I think the work you are doing is an invaluable service. I live in the states and work with refugee children in the schools. I currently have had over 30 kids from Burundi come to see me for ESL tutoring. I recognize your talk of singing and dancing amongst the Burundi people. The children do it all the time in the classrooms and my heart alights to see and hear them. I'm not quite sure how to ask this, or even how you may answer since the world you live in with its needs are so far away from where I am. If there is a way in which I can help your efforts and the people of Burundi, please let me know. Do you need more food, blankets, mosquito nets? How can my community possibly help yours?"

"Today is your birthday. Today, a child is eating plumpy nut and feeling her belly rest. Today, a woman starts her 6 hours walk to come see you again, hope and determination in her step. Today, a child from Oakland is about to learn he has a scholarship for summer education. Today, two birds are whistling to each other in my house. Today, people are voting all over California to support elementary schools. Today, a boys school in Kenya is reaping the rewards of their recently built greenhouse. Today, a Chinese woman just got the news she got a matching grant to start her own business in San Francisco. Today is your birthday. You have made immeasurable differences, and we are with you, making our own. Today we are with you.

Wishing you a happy birthday and good wishes. You inspire so many young people with you work including my daughter who hopes to become a doctor and work as you do. And my students who run are also inspired by you and your efforts. We believe in you!"

"Happy birthday Dr, Sri- I just wnated to wish you a wonderful day and tell you what an awesome person you are. To give of your life to others so deeply in need is truly a mircle. I am touched by your genorosity of spirit and will am glad that I found this story about you through Daily Goods. It is my dream to someday do something similar. I do not know how or when but I know that if it is God's will I will do it. I will always remeber you and those you strive to help in my prayers."

"Thank you for sharing your pictures Dr. Sri. Please give Patric a hug from a lady in Michigan who sees nobility in his eyes & who gained strength from the power of presence that you have shared. Happiest Birthday. with energy & admiration."

"Yesterday was my birthday! There was no celebration with friends or family and I was sad. The article I read today about your work made me realize that I should have thought to do something compassionate and giving. That would have made for a happy day. Best wishes to you on your birthday. The world is blessed by your presence in it. I'm happier for having learned of you. Thank you for that gift of joy! May all of your days be filled with love, health, joy, and peace."

"Thank you for your caring. You are an inspiration to an American who worries about the economy and my security. You have helped me to again realize how lucky I am and how much more people like me need to do for the less fortunate."

"dear dr sri, The world was made better the day your mother gave birth to you, you have made her and everyone in your light proud. I am proud that you exist to make life possible for those you help each day, gracias. I am a teacher in a very poor school in California, but my work is almost nothing compared to what you do."

"If i could just be a 10th of the good you have in you. I will be a blessing to all i know. God Bless you and keep you safe. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO." --Chantal, in South Africa

"Sri, We are a software development company based in Pune, India. More than a one time donation, I want to try and make a system which is more spontaneous and perpetual. I will try to send you a document on that shortly. In the meantime, to get this thing going - from our company (and my network), we want to try and adopt individual patients. I am wondering if you would be in a position to send me some photographs of patients that need care - their names, diagnosis and what (or how much) will it take to cure. My plan is to launch a cause ('cause' is an application on Facebook to create a network of people for a cause - in this case donors). The document will be on the lines of the one attached with this email. t - I have attached a document. I know your time is too precious, but we will take care of composing and launching the cause. What do you think? Will we able to make something like this work?"